7th International Visual Informatics Conference 2021

23 - 25 November 2021
Online Conference

Combining digital layers and physical materials to create personalised gifting experiences  

BY Prof. Boriana Koleva 

In this talk I will explore how digital data can be combined with physical elements to create engaging user experience. The focus will be on the domain of gifting, which is an ancient, familiar and important social activity for many people, as well as economically important, from gifting services in stores to corporate gifting. I will provide an overview of a number of hybrid gift projects (including a hybrid advent calendar and chocolate box) that both extend the possibilities and flexibility of gifting physical items while also enriching the experience of digital gifting. Based on our experiences of designing and evaluating these gifts in the wild, I will reflect on the underlying relationships between the physical and digital when gifting (e.g., the physical as a wrapping for a digital gift), how we can customize and combine physical things with digital content to create an enhanced personalized gift and how users experience and relate to differently composed hybrid gifts (including the opportunity to strengthen connections between people in the covid-19 environment). 

Prof. Boriana Koleva
Professor, Director

Professor of Computer Science
Director, Horizon Digital Economy Research Centre
University of Nottingham, UK

Boriana Koleva is a Professor of Computer Science at the University of Nottingham and Director of the Horizon Digital Economy Research Centre which explores the user-centred design and development of trusted data-driven products. Her research is highly interdisciplinary and focuses on designing, deploying and studying ‘in the wild’ new hybrid products, which flexibly combine physical artefacts with digital media to deliver powerful consumer experiences. She has consistently published in the leading international venues in HCI, CSCW and Ubiquitous Computing. Her work has been supported by funding from RCUK and EU. Notable projects include ‘Living With Interactive Decorative Patterns’, which brought together a team of designers, developers and a range of users to create aesthetic interactions in homes and ‘Hybrid Gifting’, which explores how the combination of physical and digital technologies can enable new forms of gift experience.

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